Where does my money go?
All donations go to Hawthorne Elementary School to help the school buy more books for the library. 2.9% + 30 cents is charged by the credit card processing company – Stripe. The optional donation amount (tip), if added in the check out screen, goes to SeeYourImpact.Org, now an all volunteer organization, to cover technology infrastructure costs.
Which years did I go to school at Hawthorne?
I think it was the 80’s. Though I might be off by a few years ;)
Why donate?
My friend Sean does a good job of explaining the value of learning how to read:

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My birthday wish: More books in the Hawthorne Library!

Just a few years ago (ok maybe a few more years ago ;-)) I was another kid running around the  Hawthorne Elementary School library looking for a book to read.  Today, the best birthday gift for me would be … a few more books in the library. 

Thank you, my beloved family, for your love and your donation to this cause.  

Some stories below share the joy of students from the last Hawthorne Campaign on SeeYourImpact.

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